Importance of Painting Your Ceiling

The Importance of Painting Your Ceiling

The Importance of Painting Your Ceiling

The importance of painting your ceiling on your interior painting project. The cosmetic reason to get your ceiling looked at during an estimate is important. When someone paints your walls, they generally use a brush along the top where the wall and the ceiling meet. It’s almost 100% certain that that line is not straight. There are so many factors when building a structure, and nobody is perfect. So the line is not straight. Now, the painters are here to make it look straight….at least they are supposed to! So many paint jobs I have seen where the paint line is on the ceiling as well as below the drywall seam. It looks terrible if you take a close look! It should look natural and seamless. When you get a room painted, and skip the ceiling, the current painter will be missed a big opportunity to fix the mistakes that are almost certain to be there. The painter instead will have to paint along the already painted lines, painting over the wobbles and bumps and making them look even worse!!

The rate that homes are built these days is so fast. We are so quick to get things done. That being said, We suggest you take a look at your ceiling and think about getting it painted. Our passion is painting. I suggest you get your ceiling painted as a kind of Tabula Rasa, or clean slate. With your ceiling painted, we can approach the walls and the seam from a whole new place, where the lines are straight and the seams are less.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol


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