Hiring Painting Contractor in Austin TX

What to Expect When Hiring Painting Contractor in Austin TX

Repainting your home is a valuable home maintenance task that goes beyond cosmetic benefits. Whether it’s your home interior, kitchen cabinets, or a piece of furniture, a fresh coat of paint adds an extra layer of protection against moisture damage, mold growth, and surface wear and tear. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering hiring a professional painting contractor for your project, and that is a good move. Hiring an experienced and reliable painting contractor means timely project completion, high-quality and durable results, and of course, less hassle on your end. 

That said, hiring a painting contractor can be a little intimidating and unpredictable, especially if this is your first time. In this article, we will discuss how to go about hiring a painting contractor in Austin TX and other surrounding areas, and what to expect. Here we go. 

Where to Find a Painting Contractor in Austin TX

These tips apply to pretty much any homeowner looking for a residential painting contractor in Austin TX, Tarrytown TX, Clarksville TX, Westlake TX, and the larger Texas area. 

  • Family and friends –the safest place to start searching for professional painting contractors is from within your inner circles. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues if they know of any reliable painter they can recommend. 
  • Local paint stores –many paint stores have a good working relationship with various professional painters and can recommend the best painter who has done an excellent job for their previous clients.
  • Online business directories –not many people are using business directories today. However, online directories nowadays have been improved to offer targeted, reliable, and comprehensive recommendations. You also get to narrow down to your specific location of interest. Some of the platforms include; Yelp (www.Yelp.com), Angie’s List (www.angi.com), and Better Business Bureau (https://www.bbb.org/). 
  • Google Search –if all else fails, search for painters directly using Google. Be sure to specify the type of painter you need and the location. For instance, if you need your kitchen cabinets painted in Austin, TX, search for something like ‘Cabinet painting contractor Austin TX.’ 

Interviewing and Hiring the Painter 

When searching for painters, aim to get at least three of the best painting contractors and then do a little research on them. Ideally, the best contractor should meet the following criteria;

  • Licensed and insured –these ensure that they follow the right painting protocol and you’re protected against extra costs in the event of damage or an accident 
  • Experienced and reliable –the more experience the painter has, the higher the chances of producing high-quality results. At least five years of specific experience is a good benchmark
  • Check for references –ask them to share previous projects they’ve worked on. Most painters will have this on their website already. Talk to at least one of their previous customers. 
  • Materials and paint supplies –ask the painter about the type of paint they typically use. Ideally, they should only use high-quality paints and paint supplies from reputable companies. Low-cost, low-quality paint often fails within a few months or even weeks of application. 

Hiring the Painting Contractor 

Once you have your top 2-3 painting contractors, invite then to your home separately, and brief them about the project. Next, request for painting estimate and compare their offers. The estimates should have all the details that will help you make the decision. 

A casual scribbling on a paper towel doesn’t pass as a painting estimate. Also, don’t automatically go for the cheapest painter on the list. Instead, choose a painter that covers all your needs and offers the best value for your money.

At Brush & Color Painting, we provide detailed painting estimates with all the information you need to understand your project and make the decision. If you haven’t identified a painting contractor for your project yet, we would love to be your favorite contractor. 

We offer interior and cabinet eco-friendly painting services in Austin, TX, Tarrytown TX, Clarksville TX, and Westlake, TX. To use our services, book a FREE estimate or call us on (512) 947-0594 if you have any questions.

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