Brush & Color Painting 3 year warranty on all painting projects

Brush & Color Painting’s 9 Year Probated Warranty

  • Brush & Color Painting warrants all interior painting services for 9 years after completion.
  • If a failure occurs due to improper application, we will fix the failed area.
  • Homeowner will not incur any extra costs.
  • However, if the failure is caused by an outside force, such as impact or moisture, Brush & Color Painting will inform the homeowner of the problem and provide a competitive bid to repair the damaged area prior to work being performed.

Free Touch Ups!

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  • Brush & Color Painting will perform one hour of touch ups on any surfaces we have painted for you
  • Once per year, schedule in advance during slow seasons
  • Anything not requiring repairs or ladders
  • Limited to warrantied surfaces
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