How We Deal With Fumes in Austin TX

How To Deal With Paint Fumes in Austin, TX!

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How we deal with Paint Fumes in Austin, TX!

There are certain situations where the paint we are using has some smell to it.

It’s rather unfortunate, but a bucket of paint isn’t going to smell like a bouquet of roses or even your favorite cup of coffee — unpleasant smells kind of go hand in hand with the painting process.

Smells come at certain times, such as when reusing a customers previously purchased paint, or when using some primers necessary for specific purposes.

When we spray cabinets, the overspray/fumes from the paints could be potentially harmful. How do we deal with them? FANS!

A few box-fans facing outward in an open window can do a great deal of good for getting rid of paint fumes in Austin, TX.

That is only one small step we use to deal with paint fumes at Brush & Color Painting! We use an “air-mover” which is a high powered fan with a 20’ tube attached to it, to literally take the paint fumes/overspray and put it through a filtration system and place it outside! This is proper ventilation.

Even a smellier primer needed to block certain stains or odors can quickly dissipate with a properly installed air-mover!

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