5 Questions During An Estimate

5 Questions to Ask A Painter During An Estimate in Austin, TX!

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5 Questions to ask a Painter during an estimate in Austin, TX

When you are ready to move forward on your painting project, the first thing you will want to do is find a few painting companies to come out to give you an estimate. Most painting companies will provide you with a free estimate. This is great for you, as you can compare different companies and think about your decision before spending a penny!

I am going to share with you 5 questions to ask a Paint Company during an estimate in Austin, TX. These questions will save you loads of time and minimize frustration and unknowns that commonly occur when hiring a painting company in Austin, TX!

  1. What’s your availability? This is a great starting question. If the painting company is booked for the next year, and you need your painting project done next month, it will likely not work out and you can end the estimate early without wasting your time. Or if the painting company doesn’t know their availability, you have a great sign of an unorganized company.
  2. What kind of paint do you normally use? A lot of painting companies will tell you they use “the best paint” and leave it at that. Ask for details. Do a little research on the safest and most durable paints for your project and ask about those products. Many paint companies will tell you they use “the best” and really just buy “the best” deal for them (cheap paint that doesn’t last!)
  3. Do you have employees, or subcontractors? This question will surprise most paint companies! Depending on the paint company, sometimes they can “subcontract” the work out to painters that they’ve never met or worked with. These “subcontractors” can then use whatever materials they want. The subs also can set their own schedule and use whatever process they prefer for the work to be done. Communicate how you want the work done!
  4. What should I do to prepare for you to paint my house? A lot of times we can skip the preparation phase of big projects, solely because we don’t know what we need to do. I have heard so many stories of friction between paint companies and homeowners, due to the fact that the paint company did not ask them to prepare for their arrival. This can add to the labor cost at the end of a paint project. At Brush & Color, we work on a “no surprises” philosophy and never add unknown costs to the bill.
  5. Do you have any testimonials? You should most definitely look at a paint companies reviews online before scheduling an estimate! But take it a step further and ask if they have testimonials. Anyone can write a positive review of a painting company these days, but specific testimonials will impress you and build trust between you and the painting company! Testimonials will come from their raving fans!

If you have any questions about your next interior painting project or cabinet painting project, you can book an estimate at brushandcolor.com, it takes less than a minute!

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this video, I’m Nicholas Painter, it’s a great day!

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