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What is the Cost of an Exterior Painting Project?

Have you been shocked by the cost of an exterior painting project in Austin TX?

The usual scenario is that a painting contractor visits your home and performs a walk around of the area with a measuring tape and a clipboard and then he or she leaves and is not heard from for a few days or even a week. Then after you email them or give them a call the mysterious package or email arrives.

You breathe deep and open the proposal…. I hope you are sitting down.

You gasp.

Feel Dizzy

You regain your composure and sit there sometimes shocked at the bottom line price of the proposal.

Could it actually be this expensive?!

I am going to break down what should be included in your proposal and then i will break down the yearly cost of the paint job.

What should be included in the proposal:

  • A detailed description of what work and steps are going to be performed. You will want each step described such as hand sand or power sand, caulking and which brands of caulking, one coat or two coats of paint.
  • Actual product brand names and types of paint and prep products to be used.  This is due to many paint manufactures have a wide range of paint selections and not all the levels are equal.  if you are paying for a premium paint ask for the type and brand to be noted.
  • A Warranty and what does the warranty and length of warranty.  Is the paint manufacturer warrantying the paint or the contractor?
  • Licensing: Does your state require a license or be registered with the state? In the state of TX, no licensing is required to operate a painting company.
  • References: If none are included with the proposal request that recent similar jobs that were completed in your area be noted so that you may contact that homeowner and ask any questions.
  • Payment terms;  Very often a final third is held back until the final walk around with the homeowner can be arranged or complete.

What is the Cost of an Exterior Paint Project in Austin TX?

Please note all contractors have different back-end costs with employees, benefits and overhead which will sometimes vary proposals a large percentage.

An Eight thousand dollar exterior painting projects ( $ 8,000.00) broken down over an average house repaint life span.

$ 8,000 divided by 9 years = $ 888.89 per year

Breaking down the exterior paint project financially over the year makes the price calculate to a more affordable project.

A quality exterior paint project on a home with all the proper preparation and quality materials should last 9 years.

We do find on some homes there may be a trouble spot or two especially where heavy water runoff or water splashback occur or high heat and constant sun exposure.  These areas may need maintenance more often.

If we can assist with any paint related questions or provide a FREE estimate please visit our website at brushandcolor.com

Thank You

Nicholas Painter

Brush & Color Painting

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